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Welcome to SVS Engineering
SINCE 1995 Developed into a multi functional process equipment manufacturing organization. Today SVS caters need of quality process equipment of customer from a diverse industrial Segment. The experience of every passing year and customer demand ushered development of products for industries such as Bulk Drugs,Chemicals,Pharmaceuticals and many more customized products.

We are situated at Industrial Development Area Jeedimetla, Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh in a consolidated land For manufacturing equipment for the pharmaceutical, Bulk Drug, Chemical and General Engineering.
Vacuum Tray Dryers
SVS Engineering
Vacuum tray dryer (VTD) is Batch Process Drying system used for drying hygroscopic substances, which are dried to very low residual moisture content level. The VTD consists of Heating Shelfs mounted one above the other on which product..,
Atmospheric Tray Dryers
SVS Engineering
Atmospheric Tray dryers is Batch Process Drying system used for economical drying of powder, granules, food material & chemicals . The Tray Dryer consists of Trolley with Trays one above the other on which product is placed in trays..,